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About Us

NeXT Sport Horse is designed and maintained in collaboration with professional trainers like you to make the process of buying and selling horses efficient, easy, and more comprehensive.

Your time is valuable. Our vision is to provide horse trainers a portal that connects trainers with one another exclusively. NeXT Sport Horse is a password protected site, open only to registered professional trainers.

Horses are a thing of beauty and strength. We're convinced that a website devoted to matching horse to owner should be no different. NeXT Sport Horse provides trainers a unique experience that offers better information in one place, direct links to other trainers, more comprehensive data to make your search easier and more informative. You will find our side by side comparisons and data features incredibly useful, and the direct link to video will help you navigate quickly and easily between options.

Our mission is simple: To connect trainers with one another. We're passionate about what we do and know that you are, too. We are happy to contribute to the equestrian community and help your business grow.

To ride a horse is to borrow freedom - Helen Thomson

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